uMax Data Technology

Listening to public sentiment for years, uMaxData Technology is especially strong at Chinese internet data processing and analysis. Start with an aim to serve and facilitate content analysis for academia, our platform has been ever-evolving, to become the best choice for government, researchers and corporate with our in-depth multivariate analysis and high transparency of results.

Big data technology | Data mining | Data analysis consultancy

We are a team of industry elites from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore. If you are brand ambassador, researcher, education institute or government department, we are here to help. We are especially strong at:

1) Internet Big Data Extraction and Mining

Internet is a vast treasure vault of data. We prevent you from the headache of data extraction. Our professional data mining team provide precise mining and analytics services, to help you explore values and intelligence from the sea of data.

2) Comprehensive Coverage in One Stop

Equipped with cutting-edge data extraction technology, uMax Data can collect data from webpages and API, covering all media including websites, Facebook, instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo and OTA etc. We extract main posts and all replies, emojies, videos and images, to keep a full and complete picture of public sentiments. Together with our professional intelligent platform which is perfect for insight visualization and illustration, we can help you catch up with the pulse of netizens, make the right decision with ease.

3) Flexible Platform for In-depth Analysis

Our analysis platform is featured with high flexibility, support cross-analysis among different sources, topics and keywords on one platform. Users can customize their survey items according to individual needs. Our analytic reports are of high transperancy, users can verify the results by tracing back to the original sources. Dashboard and data set can be directly downloaded and updated on the platform. Our reliability makes us popular among public affair, business and academic sectors.

4) O2O Customized Solution

uMaxData is client-oriented, we customize data platform according to industry needs, utilizing online and offline data resources. No matter massive unorganized internet data, corporate internal textual data, and disordered dark data, we translate them into business values, to help you boost your sales and revenue.

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