Twopresents celebrations: easier for everyone, good for the world

Our mission is to maximize social and environmental benefit by turning every celebration into an occasion to give back while getting the perfect present for your loved one.
• Minimize unwanted gifts and packaging waste
• Teach children social and environmental awareness from a young age
• Reduce the stress of trying to figure out and find the perfect gift
• Year round fundraising tool for charities

Twopresents is a unique party invitation service with a charitable twist. It allows users to send their party invitations and raise funds for a charity and gift of their choice. It's an easy way to make a difference through celebration.
It also makes it easy to manage the party and monitor RSVPs and communications.

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  • Karola H. Szovati
    Operations & Finance
    Mother of 2 kids 8 years at IFC/World Bank & investment banking MBA
  • Shirin Staerkle
    Marketing & Charities
    Mother of 2 kids 9 years in private banking Bachelors BA Masters in Finance