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Emerging e-commerce markets face a lack of transparency and trust between consumers and companies: When buying online, consumers can neither be sure of the quality of goods and services nor of the reliability of the company they buy from.

As a result, both sides lose: Consumers are scared to buy online and accept the extra effort of buying offline, while honest companies lose money as they can't convince consumers of their trustworthiness.

We are here to solve this problem.

We make it easy for consumers to write and find reviews about online businesses. We provide an independent, open and trustworthy platform, which consumers can use to share their experience with the community and their social peers. We communicate openly what we do and why we do it - ensuring consumers know about the power of their voice and how to utilize

We make it easy for online businesses to automatically collect reviews and feedback from their customer base. We enable online businesses to connect and interact with their customers to gain insights and to display reviews on online and offline touch points, where the distrust is highest.

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  • Frederik Krass
    Managing Director
  • Philip Knuth
    Managing Director
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