Trip Guru

A millennial community platform connecting travellers with each other to book premium group activities
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Trip Guru’s mission is to help people access authentic travel experiences. Instead of packaged, tightly scheduled, all-inclusive tours that leave the traveller with a sense that their leisure time has been as programmed as their work; we let the traveller take charge. Our platform aims to provide a one-stop terminus to gather information, craft an itinerary, browse for deals, book the trip, and connect with other likeminded travellers. Moreover, our personally curated activities add a layer of accessibility to the authentic local experiences that connect with the place, which are typically reserved for local residents and people in the know. We are committed to promote a culture of responsible tourism in respect to the sustainability of local communities.

1. Travelers, particularly millennials, often lack of time and local knowledge necessary to identify the best available activities and scan quality providers to avoid scams. 2. They are also concerned about price as they can not easily find the best deal s in the market.
3. They usually travel in small groups, thus need of joiners to meet the minimum number of participants required to start and activity, or to avoid paying for the empty seats.


A booking platform: Were travellers can create or join the best group activities going on in the destination.

A community: Trip Guru algorithm matches you with like-minded travellers around the area to turn it into an awesome experience!

Save Money, make friends: enjoying group discounts, not paying for empty seats, and creating new travel buddies along their ways.

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