Trinity Partners Group Limited

Value Creation Consulting for Cross-Border Business

Trinity Partners Group ("TPG") is a management consulting firm registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. TPG comprises a team of strategic planning and investment experts who focus on cross-border business expansion and leads value-creation projects.

During the past 50 years in East Asia, SMEs worked behind the business tycoons as society's real backbones. Since the 2000s, however, they have been facing significant operational inefficiencies internally, conflicts across departments, and extra expertise beyond CEOs' capabilities. Externally, SMEs have sought overseas opportunities outside of small-scale local markets but are still struggling with a lack of resources and market information. In the meantime, as they run business in competitive local markets, their profit structures are getting weaker every year.

Trinity Partners Group provides a 'value-creation' solution for all SMEs experiencing growing pains. It is called the ‘three primary pillars theory,’ composed of strategy, operating, and financing. We define their primary roles as an architect, a driver, and a company's growth hormone. Each has its unique responsibilities and authority but must work together as one team. Thus, we regard the 'Three In One' is a well-balanced system that helps maximize operational excellence.

Trinity Partners Group diagnoses the three internal and external problems, targeting their key levers - operational efficiency, cross-border expansion, financial efficiency - and change business fundamentals, finally resulting in a corporate transformation.

Service 1. Strategy Planning

(1) Client Pain Points:

- Strategy inconsistency between core competencies and company products
- Declining market share due to the deterioration of existing industries and high competition
- Slow feedback from employees, increasing overhead costs, and a high volume of low value-added works
- Frequent conflicts of interests across heterogeneous teams due to lack of decision-making standards
- No KPIs in each value chain of company, team, and individual levels

(2) Our examples of deliverables

Strategy Planning
Corporate mission & concept / Business model design / Competitive strategy / Product pricing / Profit mapping

Value Chain Construction
Market environment and analysis / Five forces analysis & KSF / KPI setup, employees’ consensus / BSC system construction

Market Research
Economy analysis / Consumer analysis / Sector analysis / Specific target research / Regulation and compliance / Consumer survey execution

Service 2. Business Development

(1) Client Pain Points

- Cost and time inefficiency to target new markets by deploying internal employees to foreign countries
- No regional experts with specific local culture backgrounds and business networks
- No business professionals who can actively face clients in overseas markets and lead sales
- Failure experience due to cultural differences and high language barriers
- Country movement restrictions due to Covid-19 lockdown

(2) Our examples of deliverables

Cross-Border Operations
Overseas market research / Business environment analysis in each country / Sales planning with regional networks / New client business matching / Account & vendor management / P&L control, audit process, and report / Legal documentation and consulting

Global Digital Marketing
Brand strategy design / Regional marketing strategy for multinationals / Brand experience construction / Advertising, SEO, social media management / PR and media buying in each local market / Web & App development

International Development
Economic policy and strategy / Data collection and analysis / Evaluation report (interim, final, impact, and outcome) / Case study report / Survey analysis and field study / Result verification exercise / Recommendation

Service 3. Finance Management

(1) Client Pain Points

- Lack of understanding and experience of growth capital with global investor groups
- No in-house investment expert capable of conducting commercial, financial, and legal DD required for market value assessment
- No CFO or CFO equivalent level with a finance team only focusing on accounting and report
- Low operational efficiency of time and resources to carry out investment marketing (or investor relations)
- Strong demand for more compelling, convincing, and sophisticated investment proposals than currently available

(2) Our examples of deliverables

Valuation Consulting
Financial modeling (DCF, Debt, LBO, Option) / Sensitive analysis and ratios / CPA review and certified letter

Cash Flow Management
Financial planning & analysis / Budget & working capital optimization / Financial reporting and performance review

Fund Marketing
Fund PPT design and teaser documentation / Term-sheet and DDQ design / Legal terms and valuation review

CFO Support Service
Monthly fund operations / mid-long term budget planning / Financial decision and IR reports

Corporate Venturing (Joint Venture)
Investment structuring and local limited company formation / In-house venture planning / Global project management / Deal structuring and legal due diligence / Representation in global accelerator programmes / Global employee hiring and review / Exit planning via IPO or trade sale

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  • Jp
    Jesse Park
    Managing Partner
    TPG Cross-border Investment Consulting. Private equity and strategic investment in both Hong Kong and Korea for 15 years.
  • Dk
    Dori Kim
    Partner / Senior Advisor
    TPG Strategy Innovation Consulting. Strategic planning, brand consulting, and HR planning in Korea for 20 years.
  • Mc
    Maciej Czos
    Senior Consultant
    TPG Global Market Research and Value Chain Consulting. Rigorous market research, value chains, and public sector consulting for 11 years.
  • Jk
    Jonathan Kim
    Senior Consultant
    TPG Cross-border Investment Consulting. Project management, finance, and international business development professional for 12 years.