Train The Teacher

To use the most effective modalities, methods and cultural contributions to achieve the best in learning.
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Train The Teacher (TTT) (2008) is an independent HK based organization, delivering teacher training and educational products for Hong Kong, Mainland China and Indonesia. The team brings considerable expertise and experience in training teachers to implement culturally adapted TESOL methodology internationally and in the local environment.

TTT have the broadest teacher training reach of a Hong Kong company with franchise teacher management in China; a broad range of tailored courses; specialist Phonics programs; and the Trinity CertTESOL in Hong Kong and in Shanghai. TTT are Hong Kong’s most experienced Trinity CertTESOL trainers having trained teachers on the Trinity CertTESOL in Hong Kong since 2008.

TTT training sessions are highly interactive and very practical. The trainers are exceptionally well trained and passionate about English language teaching. Trainers offer course participants an intensive, memorable, rewarding, efficient and effective training experience.

TTT offer a range of educational products that are innovative in design and delivery. Many of these have met the test of continued delivery, while some are in the later stages of design as they await capital injection.