Tiancai is changing the way the world builds software.

Tiancai’s mission is to make software development affordable for all. In order to fulfil our mission, we need to build a platform that eventually can write code based on customer’s business requirements.

In the early phases of Tiancai, we work to
- Create and maintain a community of high calibre developers/designers/PMs
- Provide support, education and incentives to grow the quality and quantity of our freelance community
- Develop collaboration and productivity tools to help our freelance community collaborate
- Leverage code reusability and automation to pass savings to our customers
- Develop tools, process and best practices to manage customers effectively providing best in class customer experience

Unlike other outsourcing solutions which hire low quality developers to work on your project, we only allow the best developers from the world's top Computer Science schools to join our network.

Traditional outsourcing is notorious for slow iteration cycles and ballooning project costs. At Tiancai, we use our proprietary IKRA A.I. Engine to provide same day fixed quote pricing for all of our customers' projects, and use cutting edge automation tooling to ensure that your project is delivered on time & production ready.

When you start a project on Tiancai, you are be automatically matched with a Project Manager (PM) and development team. The PM will take care of managing the team and the project. All you have to do is sit back and watch your software come to life.

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  • Mario 4e7fdad6
    Mario Ho
    CEO / Founder
    Mario Ho serves as CEO and heads up Tiancai’s business development and marketing efforts. A graduate of MIT, seasoned executive and son of Macau ga... Read More
  • Carter 1b47eb9a
    Carter Feldman
    CTO / Founder
    Carter Feldman is responsible for the company's engineering and technology development. After dropping out of UIUC in his freshman year, Carter ser... Read More
  • Kayly c8241abc
    Kayly Lai
    UI/UX Designer
    Portfolio - https://www.instagram.com/kayly.design/ https://www.zcool.com.cn/u/16533138
  • Wangzuo 7d36b486
    Wang Zuo
    Senior Software Engineer