Thriveful is a mobile application that assesses child's language environment and recommends new activities and books.
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Thriveful is a mobile application and a platform for parents and caregivers created by neuroscientists, and early child educators that uses Natural Language Processing to enable you to quantify the impact of your daily interactions with your baby and develop a parenting style specific to your child’s unique developmental needs.

Decades of neuroscience, developmental psychological work and independent research by Nobel-Prize winning economist James Heckman have shown that the best investment parents can make for child's successful future life is in ages 0-5. Moreover, the benefits of education in early years bring positive results not just for the family, but also the society.

Thriveful App enables you to monitor how often and how much you speak to your baby over time and motivates you to spend more quality time with your child. You can also form a Team with your partner and/or nanny to challenge each other to stimulate the baby’s development together.

Years of neuroscientific research into children development and the impact of early childhood education discovered that the number of words that a parent speaks to their baby is the biggest predictor of child's future intelligence and success. Yet, in today's world, parents are too busy to spend quality time with their babies or don't know how to interact with the little ones to support their unique developmental trajectory. Thriveful exists to empower them to evolve their parenting style with science-based tips and analytical, personalised reports.

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  • Lamont
    Lamont Tang
    A Stanford neuroscientist, currently teaching technopreneurship and a father of a 1-year old.
  • Sandra new
    Sandra Sobanska
    UX/UI Designer
    EdTech advocate with a knack for user experience, design thinking and growth hacking.