Make AI accessible to everyone

ThinkCol is a data science consulting firm based in Hong Kong promoting self-sustaining data solutions to corporations. Our vision is to transform companies to be more AI and data driven; enable rapid prototyping through Agile and Design Thinking Method; and demonstrate the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Later this year, we will be launching a self-service NLP platform that will be the first of its kind in the A.I. space. And not only that, but you will also be given access to our comprehensive database of unstructured data, which includes customer-agent dialogues and social media conversations in multiple languages from all across the world. 

Our work focuses on 3 expertise:

1. Data Science Consulting
- We provide data science consulting for businesses, such as statistical modelling, analytics review and data visualization services to maximize the benefits brought by utilizing data.

2. AI / Machine Learning Prototypes
- After obtaining data from your firm, we construct machine learning prototypes to help identify issues and pain-points that may cause problems.

3. Natural Language Processing
- With the development of Natural Language Processing (NLP), we are trying to improve communications between computers and human languages, ultimately enhancing customer services efficiency for all sorts of industries.

Our Product Intro:

  • Kane Wu
    Data Scientist & Founder
    Kane is a co-founder and lead data scientist at ThinkCol, creating innovative data analytics model and products for consumers and large corporation... Read More
  • Sam Ho
    Data Scientist & Founder
    Sam has performed data analytics and data quality assessment for several multinational banks and Hong Kong government institutions by assessing the... Read More