ThinkBumblebee Analytics

"We make analytics work for You"

The team @ ThinkBumblebee is a mix of marketers, senior analytics professionals, consultants, qualitative researchers, engineers & social media marketers

We have built capabilities across Advanced Analytics, Digital Analytics, Data visualisation and Big Data Technology

Constantly honing our skills in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Automation, Consumer Insight, Story-Telling and Data Visualisation

Mentored by senior, recognised industry experts

We at ThinkBumblebee are solving the real challenges that business user faces with the help of Data, which will make sense to the decision makers on the go. what makes us really different is our passion to put 200% in anything that we do.

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    Abhijat Shukla
    Founder / CEO
    Analytics Leader with 18 years of experience in solving complex business problems. Proven ability in conceptualizing solutions for complex business... Read More