Bringing People Together

Since we opened the doors to our first space in 2016, theDesk is rapidly expanding across Hong Kong. What makes our co-working and events spaces unique is our passion for building an inclusive, connected community: our members and neighbourhoods.

By bringing people together we create valuable, lasting relationships, increase loyalty and enlarge your business network. Because together, great things happen.

Grow your business with our inclusive community and flexible workspace. We’re opening in Causeway Bay in Autumn 2017 and we’re preparing to open up to 8 spaces in Hong Kong through 2018.

We provide flexible private offices, meeting rooms, hot desks and event spaces to suit businesses of all sizes. But more than that, we take collaborative working to the next level, with a strong focus on building core business and social hubs for all our neighbourhood partners and stakeholders.

More than anything, we are passionate about what we do. We care about our neighbourhood. And that means we care about you.

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  • theDesk was established in 2016 by three co-founders Thomas Hui, Adrian Yap and Oscar Venhuis.