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We are three co-founders passionate about empowering users with their data, simplifying their life by allowing them to capture knowledge at any time, in any situation and retrieving and sharing that knowledge intuitively. We believe that knowledge graphs are an untapped technology that is the right answer to powerful recommendations and designing digital assistants that actually assist you.

Weavit's idea is coming from an actual need of its founders that have been suffering too long with poor notetaking apps, CRMs and any other so-called "productivity" app. We just want a simple and definitive way to just store information and retrieve it as simply as scratching your head. "Who was that guy I met in singapore last year who liked cryptocurrencies" ?

Ever been puzzled by how much you know about your business but how little you can actually access digitally ? We believe that the problem relies in the way data is stored in our apps: our brain doesn't work in lists, tables or fields! Our brain is not segmented between contacts, calendar, notes, or communication tools. That’s why we are creating Weavit, to map your information the way the brain does: ideas logically connected! "I met George at SFF in Singapore. He is passionate about Crypto Currencies. He lives in London. He founded BitBet.com.". 4 simple sentences that Weavit will map logically for you into your private knowledge map. The end of dead notes and call reports. The end of siloed apps.

Business information becomes easy to record, retrieve and share. Recommendations become sharp. Data becomes knowledge.

  • Emmanuel warm
    Emmanuel LEFORT
    19 years a banker, fascinated by knowledge graph, desperate with CRMs.
  • Pablo warm
    Pablo Crotti
    Chief Data Science
    Passionate with graphs and machine learning.
  • Komal warm
    Komal Narwani
    Chief Design and Marketing
    Decade of UX Design and marketing for fortune 1000 companies.
  • Joergen warm
    Joergen Duley
    Product Lead
  • Michelle clean
    Michelle Lock
    Junior UX Designer