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MedBots - revolutionising the medical sector
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Our value proposition is the creation of bots that are able to produce human thought processes, with subsequent behaviour, based on algorithms replicating the functionality of the mind, thereby making them indistinguishable from real humans.

Our product is a MedBot providing medical advice online based on interactive symptom descriptions from presumed patients. The Medbot will be probing, trying to identify whether the symptoms point to any ailment or not, including statistical probability assessments.

WHAT ABOUT COMPETITION THEN? The bot space is tight, however mainly at the bottom, as our competition’s bots are developed on pretty unsophisticated algorithms, based on NLP, making them easily detectable through their ‘robotic’ language and otherwise glaring nonhuman features. Also, they are not capable of association-based
thinking, a necessity for creativity.
No comprehensive competition from other bots in this area but quite a lot of online services where human medical personnel typically for a fee provide diagnostic services. Generally, these are of second- tier quality with obvious limits in diagnostic competency and capabilities.

Please see the link for our pitch deck

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