The Store

Feel good nutrition.

A couple years ago we decided to take the world's best practice eCommerce experiences and bring them to Asia. We represent the very best global health food brands to Asia at great prices.

Our mission is to bring affordable, high quality health and wellness products to Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

We don’t think health should be a luxury item.  So we searched the world for the best health food and eco-friendly products and give our customers 25-50% off the retail price.
We also believe we all have a responsibility to care for the environment. Unlike other retailers in Hong Kong we use recycled paper bags, we up-cycle our packaging and ship by sea to reduce our carbon footprint.
And why is it that Hong Kong has to wait for their orders for so long? Hong Kong is a place of convenience and speed, so buying supplements or organic goods should be the same!

Hong Kong has been left out for so long, and we're keen to create a sense of discovery in health food shopping in Asia. Free, same day delivery at the lowest prices.

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