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Our Mission is to empower women through financial education and content to make smarter decisions. Our Vision is to be a leading financial and career platform in Asia.

The New Savvy is the definitive financial and career guide for women.

The New Savvy aims to empower smart, modern and independent women through meaningful content that are relevant, practical and interesting.

Women have different needs from men and can benefit from unique financial advice. 41% of women are intimidated by finance and do not invest. Information available can be complex, technical and often, exasperating. We simplify the process to save you time and efforts, by providing dedicated insights that are fast, fun and easy to understand.

The New Savvy advocates greater awareness and healthier financial habits to women.

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    Anna Vanessa Haotanto
    Founder & Managing Director
    Anna Haotanto is the Managing Director of The New Savvy and Director at Tera Capital, a private investment firm. Anna is the President of the Singa... Read More