The Hackney

The Hackney is a fashion brand, a designer boutique, a lifestyle hub. It's everything about lifestyle.
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Your appearance, attitude, and confidence define you as a person.
― Lorii Myer

The Hackney features tailored men’s wear that is exclusively designed by The Hackney team. Our collection of clothes has a variety of color combinations that bring the best out of each outfit while leaving room for people to add their own personal elements to their tailored Hackney outfit. By curating the best collection of men’s accessories from partners based all over the world, the opportunities are endless when it comes to finding an accessory that fits you. In the end, our goal is to cater to men’s fashion by being the one-stop shop for the modern man.

As a member of the Hong Kong community, The Hackney is also a creativity hub. We actively collaborate with local designers and artists for workshops and different types of events. For example, we have worked closely with local artist to host regular workshops.

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  • Tanya Wong
    Inspired by the unique culture that has fostered in Britain during her studies abroad, Tanya founded The Hackney, a lifestyle boutique dedicated to... Read More