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We have a vision of every student, parent and teacher possessing the power of foresight to find the right resources, overcome academic challenges and achieve their goals, with the added effect of education efficiency and accessibility being vastly increased globally.

For Students and Parents:

To provide predictive interpersonal matching that foretells the potential results of any match in order to find the most efficient, compelling and synergistic match for any student-teacher pair so as to achieve the desired academic outcome.

For Tutors and Teachers:

To provide predictive insights into future students and management tools so as to introduce greater teaching efficiency and fulfillment.

Our Culture:

Our vision - the world we're seeing and creating as we work, and our mission - how we're going about building that world, both come from our beliefs, not from some clever slogan machine. Who we are and what our company is like in private and in public leaks out from the inside of who we are, not from a dispassionate document on the wall.

We believe that no person escapes the effects of education, whether by the presence or absence of it. Education needs improvement, yet human teachers will always be the cornerstone of learning. Teachers are highly invested leaders with curriculum. Humans can never be led by robots or online videos. We respect teachers and education as-is while not being content with the status-quo. We always provide solutions to the problems we choose to call out and we thoroughly solve one problem at a time.

We believe that something worth doing may not directly be "fun", yet it creates fulfillment and through that it introduces peace and balance. That's why when we work, we kick ass, when we play, we play harder and have more fun than most. We usually play together, officially or not. Being in a successful startup company requires being extremely close - if you can't be close you've already failed, whether you know it yet or not.

When we work, we use tools and ideas that are at the forefront of technology and sociology. What we do is exciting not just because of where we're going but because of how we're getting there. We're on the front lines of technology, in artificial intelligence, development frameworks and behavioral-driven visual and architectural design. It's thrilling to achieve things that have never been possible before using new tools and methods that few can attain to.

In short, we love our jobs, we love learning and we're convinced that through education we can improve the entire world.

The Graduate is verified tutor matchmaking and tutoring marketplace. We are a Hong Kong-born education startup that is asking a revolutionary question with an equally revolutionary answer. We're asking:

"Which teacher among a group of teachers, all with the same degrees and track record, will be more effective at leading me, a student with very real and relevant fears, loves and doubts, in achieving my academic goal?"

We are able to answer this question for both parents and students. We're using leading-edge artificial intelligence technology and behavioral-driven design to find the most synergistic match of any student and tutor pair through an online marketplace of verified tutors.

We've attracted and put together an amazing team from over 6 different countries, spanning hardcore back-end developers, behavioral psychologists and learning experts, thought-leading front-end developers and designers, and world-class leadership.

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    Christopher Schrader
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    Zachary Nevin
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    Todd Gibson
    Head of Growth
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