The CareVoice

The CareVoice is a consumer-centric health insurtech startup redefining healthcare and the insurance experience in China

Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, The CareVoice is a consumer-centric health insurtech start-up redefining healthcare and the insurance experience for people in China. We give people access to transparent, high-quality and personalized digital services to improved their health, including insurance.

We developed a social independent healthcare platform as well as VIP membership service solutions for insurance companies, which enables them to undergo the critical digital transformation of health plans expected by mobile-savvy Chinese affluent consumers and engage with their customers.

The CareVoice works closely with high-quality healthcare service providers in China’s major cities to deliver personalized and integrated experiences to our members. Our platform empowers them to search for first-class health and wellness providers, drives them towards the most cost-efficient medical centres and eases the usage of their insurance benefits, while generating valuable data, supporting client retention, and driving cost-savings for insurance companies.

We want to build an engaging ecosystem, which puts people at the centre of the fast-growing private health insurance industry in China and Southeast Asia.

The CareVoice helps insurance companies in China:
• overcome the adoption barrier resulting from consumers' mistrust for private health insurance products;
• address the gap of valuable digital services and the lack of customer relationship, data and loyalty;
• address a profitability challenge driven by the high variation of cost across medical networks in China and therefore the need to better steer insurance members towards cost-effective medical options.

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  • Sebastien gaudin
    Sebastien Gaudin
    Co-founder and CEO
    Health and Insurtech entrepreneur Former executive from the pharma industry in EU, US and Asia with a healthcare and business academic background.
  • Neil liang
    Neil Liang
    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
    Creative technologist with Silicon Valley spirit and passion for building innovative technology products.
  • Jan velich
    Jan Velich
    Co-founder and Chief Business Officer
    Successful international healthcare executive with previous work experience in Asia, Europe and the USA.
  • Joshua chi
    Joshua Chi
    VP of Engineering
    With more than 10 years experience in software architecture and development team management, he is responsible for developing our platform.