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Do you need money? Why turn to unsecured lending when you can utilize your personal valuables and monetize them efficiently and quickly in a trusted environment where there is no impact on your credit rating and no background checks to see if you can make your payments on time? Through our platform, you can choose to obtain a secured loan based on the market value of your collateral, or simply put it up for sale on our marketplace!

The Blinx aims to enable anyone with the ability to monetize and raise funds. Why is debt frowned upon? Safe debt, backed by collateral is just another form of liquidity, which could actually increase the wealth of the individual if put towards investments in areas that have potential to create value. Not only will we solve people’s need for money, we aim to partner with the traditional secured lending industry and help businesses grow through technology.

  • Louisa Lee
  • Louisa Lee
    Business Execution and Finance
    Started career in structured finance and asset-backed lending before moving into M&A advisory. Startup enthusiast, former restaurant owner