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Apply machine learning and software automation to provide affordable and personalised recruitment for all.
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We believe that the world will be a much better place if recruitment is done probably, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Being entrepreneurs and engineers ourselves, we understand how inaccessible recruitment service is. Therefore, our vision is to help we help entrepreneurs, and hiring managers to make better and faster recruitment decisions by putting ourselves in the position of their HR manager/advisor, by providing end-to-end services from employer branding, recruitment strategy planning, developing and running tailor-made technical and cultural assessment, to overall candidate experiences management.

(Read more: www.t1.gl/blog-sara)

Many companies are deserving, exciting, imaginative, but recruiting is not their strength. Our tools make recruiting every company’s strength. We provide personalized, affordable recruitment services to connect everyone with their winning team.

We believe that machine learning would be key to cracking the recruitment market. Therefore, our eventual goal is to build a machine readable recruitment ecosystem that allows us to “teach” machine to do recruitment, and also through promoting global mobility by creating an international network.

We are on the mission to let everyone focus on what they are good at and to build a better team at the same time.

Recruitment software and services by experienced Software Engineers, Product Designers, Data scientists, Lawyers, and Marketers.

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    Sara Choi
    Co-Founder, Recruiter & Director (Product)
    I connect talented people with great teams. At the moment, my passionate and talented team and I are working on building the first machine-readab... Read More
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    Edwin Shao
    Co-founder, Recruiter & CEO/CTO
    Edwin is currently CEO of Terminal 1, a recruitment firm specialized in data science. Previously, he was Data Science Head for Asia Miles and Produ... Read More
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    Roger So
    Recruiter & Head of Engineering
    Roger has 15+ years of industry experience, having led teams of software engineers to implement a wide range of systems, including embedded Linux s... Read More
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    Tendai Mudyiwa
    Recruitment Consultant & Software Engineer
    Software Engineer with experience developing enterprise software solutions for the Stock Loan trading desk at Morgan Stanley. I have mainly built s... Read More