TEN-The Entrepreneurs' Network

TEN is a non-profit association that creates meaningful connections in the entrepreneurial community since 2005
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Established since 2005, TEN is a non-profit association that actively connects entrepreneurial people with its network of entrepreneurs and investors through informative and social networking events.

TEN holds a regular monthly event on the 2nd Tuesday of every month when possible in form of:

- Networking mixers with the opportunity for members to present themselves at the event
- Speaker events where experienced entrepreneurs would share their tips and experiences
- Jointly organized events with relevant organizations
- Themed workshops such as funding, startup, sales and marketing tools

Check out our upcoming events on www.ten.org.hk

  • KK Lim
    Founder of TEN
  • Philippe Degrange
    Founder of TEN
  • Lois Chan
    Founder of TEN
  • Lois Chan
    President of TEN
  • Danny Kwan
    Vice President of TEN
  • Mark Wong
    Treasurer of TEN
  • Sven Euler
    Secretary General of TEN
  • Emanuel Breiter
    TEN Executive Committee Member
  • Ian Wells
    TEN Executive Committee Member
  • Aditya Halan
    TEN Executive Committee Member
  • Dave Andrews
    TEN Executive Committee Member
  • Daniel Chun
    TEN Executive Committee Member
  • Ian Thompson
    TEN Executive Committee Member