We provide a platform to sell online courses, mock tests and manage your training business at one place, in your brand.
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We started TeachEdison in 2015 with the mission to provide quality education by finding and connecting the best teachers with learners. We took the online curated marketplace route, but the progress was slow and capital intensive. While pondering over how we could create a faster impact, we met a training business owner in 2017. A reluctant meeting turned out promising when the CEO of the institute invited us to collaborate and help him solve his business problems with technology. As we got deeper into this market, we understood that Individual tutors and private academies play a very crucial function ( Comparable to the position of the informal sector in the Indian economy) in the education market. There are multiple approaches to solving the quality education problem. At the same time, few EdTech companies took it upon themselves to solve this, TeachEdison decided to empower millions of subject experts, tutors with the right set of tools for impacting billions of people. (It's better to teach a man how to fish than feed him for a day)

We provide an operating System for a Training Business. All the tools to sell online courses, mock tests and manage your training business in one place. The LMS Software to Create a Website, Build Courses, Host Live Classes, Manage Leads, Automate Marketing, Collect Payments, and Manage Institute Operations.

The old way is to use 7+independent tools to run a training business. For instance, for the website - you need a website CMS like WordPress, for sales you need a CRM like salesforce, for marketing you need a tool like lead squared, for online teaching you need a video conference like WebEx, for content management, you need an LMS like a blackboard.

The older way is very expensive and the stitching makes it cluttered. The new way is to use EdisonLMS - all the tools are built for the training business needs.

  • Deepak Raj Murugaian
    Masters in Artificial Intelligence – 9 Years of Consulting Experience – Takes Care Of Execution and Sales.
  • Sivakumar Sankara Subbu
    Co Founder and CTO
    Computer Engineering Graduate– 6 Years Of Product Building Experience – Takes Care Of Product & Engineering 
  • Neeraj Krishnamoorthy
    CO Founder
    MBA Grad, 7 Years of Growth Hacking Experience- Takes Care Of Pre Sales & Customer Success.