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1. To deliver quality holistic education to underprivileged students and positively impact their achievement through recruiting and training enlist passionate and outstanding university students as teaching fellows
2. To nurture future servant leaders with empathy and passion and create a growing movement of alumni network who are long-term leaders capable of effecting systemic change in education in Hong Kong

Teach4HK良師香港 (“TFHK”) is a nonprofit organization to enlist outstanding university graduates with diversified talents to serve in schools with underprivileged students through a one-year full time teaching fellowship.

We partner with businesses and institutions to provide leadership and career opportunities to nurture our fellows to become leaders with empathy, who will thrive in various fields and continue to advocate for education post fellowship.

  • Arnold chan
    Chan Kwan Yeung, Arnold
    Founder and CEO
    Arnold Chan is the Founder and CEO of Teach4HK. Since the start of Teach4HK in 2015, Arnold has recruited 17 graduates as teaching fellows to teach... Read More