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Our mission is to celebrate the experience of buying and selling jewelry.

"Life is too short to wear boring jewelry"
If you agree with this statement, you might want to know more about the deep-rooted problems.
Contemporary jewelry designers are often the designers and manufacturers, therefore they have to do the marketing, retailing, and all the other tasks by themselves. This, in turn, results in less focus on their core competencies i.e. designs. According to a fashion blog, contemporary jewelry or so-called handcrafted jewelry is fading, and hence the essence of art is going away in the jewelry industry and commercialization of designs in becoming the new trend among all the top jewelry companies. Therefore, there is a need to elevate such designers, whose art speaks many different languages and tell various stories.

On the other hand, buying jewelry online, and not going to a physical store to try it, is a tedious task. The common question asked is "How will this ring look on me?". This is just one of the examples. But it stresses on one of the major concerns faced by the customers. It is important for the customers to know whether the jewelry would suit their skin color and body shape.

Hence, Tanzire is born to tackle such problems and deliver a true experience. We provide full flexibility to the designers to open their online store on Tanzire and using AR technology, we make sure that offline buying experience is reflected on Tanzire.

  • Suhani Batwara