Taipan Health Ltd.

We provide affordable acces to top Western healthcare specialists thereby empowering consumers with the best healthcare.
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

We want to change the way the healthcare industry works by providing affordable top healthcare to all instead of to a few. I am from Europe and believe in a company structure which is flat with equal opportunities to all and where people take responsibility and drive the company forward together.

Teleradiology provides a huge opportunity in (emerging markets) given lack of access to qualified doctors, lack of trust in the local healthcare system combined with the emergence of a wealthy middle/upper class whom want to have the best healthcare and are willing to pay for this.

This is also the case in developed markets where there is a big gap between public and private healthcare. For example in Hong Kong.

We provide affordable acces to top western specialists thereby empowering consumers to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Maarten Kwik
    We empower consumers in Asia in their healthcare decisions by providing affordable access to top Western specialists. We work exclusively with a ... Read More