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Tailor-M (www.tailor-m.com) is a for-profit social enterprise founded with a vision to improving the living standards of tailors in Hong Kong. Tailor-M aims to revitalize the bespoke tailoring sector through connecting the often elderly tailors to customers in Hong Kong and overseas.

In Hong Kong, tailoring is widely recognized as a “sunset industry” as the number of tailors has shrunk by 70% in the past 15 years. With most (95%) of the tailors over 50 years old, this group of skilled craftsmen is in urgent need of finding younger successors.

“People wear suits every day, why would tailoring be a sunset industry? There is obviously a huge demand.” Co-founder and CEO of Tailor-M, Jacky Chan, questions the general perspective.

Company Executives, Bankers and Lawyers in this world struggle to find a good tailor to get a suit that fits. Tailors in Hong Kong are struggling to make a living and are working in poor conditions. We are the platform that tries to connect both parties together. Expensive rents they have to pay for their street-level shops and their inability to promote their businesses using modern technology are just some of the key issues. With Tailor-M, more customers are brought to the bespoke tailors and the customer’s experience is improved.

  • Jacky Chan
    Jacky is the Co-founder of Tailor-M, who was frustrated with the lack of options when he was trying to buy a suit. His last position before embark... Read More