Table of Two Cities

Creating a platform for refugees in Hong Kong through the medium of food & storytelling
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Table of Two Cities is a grassroots organisation with a focus on adding value in the refugee space, where refugees can tell stories and share culture on their own terms. We also organise cultural and community events around Hong Kong to give refugees agency to teach locals about their culture and present the refugee narrative in a different manner.

- Works in consultation with the refugee community to brainstorm solutions to daily issues and ways in which narratives may be represented
- Creating media and content to reflect refugee stories and lives in a way that honours the stakeholders
- Creating opportunities for meaningful inter-community engagement and breaking silos
- Creating a sense of community and means to break stigma / xenophobia

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  • Tegan Smyth
    Tegan has been working in social justice and community action in Australia and Hong Kong for several years. She founded ToTC in 2016. She has exper... Read More
  • Fatima Qureshi
    Media & Events Officer
    Fatima Qureshi is a freelance journalist currently studying for a Master’s in Journalism at the University of Hong Kong. She holds a Bachelor of Ar... Read More