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Mango is born from our experience managing small companies and having trouble to find the right tools to do so. There are a lot of tools on the internet but either those tools are too expensive and a small business cannot afford them or the tools are cheap but limited to just some functions (accounting, invoicing, payroll, project management, CRM...), they don't communicate between each other and we always end up spending hours to reconcile the data from one to the other.

We believe that small companies are not having a simpler organization than big companies and as a matter of fact their business model is often more flexible and therefore more complex. We have created Mango with this in mind.

Mango is an affordable solution for small and medium entrepreneurs to organize your day to day workflow. It helps you manage your accounting, your stock, your workload, your clients and much much more...

  • Developers
  • Accountants / Bookkeepers
  • Secretaries