Matching Made Easy with our AI Personal Styling Solution!

Matching clothes is hard, time-consuming and inconvenient for us, males in Asia. We all want to look good yet we are too lazy to be a stylist of our own. We want to create a solution which could assist males with their fashion. We believe by using big data and AI, matching of clothes can be done easily for males!

Matching clothes is hard, our solution offers a mix and match system where males could match clothes right away with the items orientated based on the analysis of big data.
Matching clothes is time-consuming, with our solution, the average time needed for matching clothes is decreased from 40 minutes to within 1 minute as our system assist our users on matching clothes based on their physical characteristics and big data.
Matching clothes is inconvenient, with our solution, users no longer have to pick up every cloth and try it on, within a few clicks, users are getting the matched set of clothes that look good on them and save time on going all the way to physical stores and being stuck in a stuffy fitting room trying on different clothes.

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