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With Sugar, finding cool discoveries in this densely packed maze of steel and glass is as easy as zeroing in on your location and be instantly introduced to hidden gems near you, from indie cafes to quirky stores, exciting festivals to edgy nightclubs. Go on, stop scratching your head on where to start, get out there, and discover a new adventure in this amazing city that you are in.

Sugar is all about discovery.
Sugar is about encouraging people to re-discover Hong Kong – the app recommends interesting products and services located within walking distance of the user, and also provides an incentive (cash discounts of up to 90%) for users to actually go and try these places out.
The app is interactive, so the incentives depend on usage and activity.

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  • Benjamin Lee
    Founder Sugar Technologies
    I was born in Singapore, but grew up in Hong Kong. I spent a gap year in Australia and then studied and worked in London. I was originally trained ... Read More