Successful Consultants Limited

Connecting People to Companies. Recruitment and Business Development, CV, LinkedIn, Interview and Career Coaching
We have a passion for ensuring the right people connect with each other. We love understanding what people's life goals are and helping them achieve them. Are you a company who wants to grow via Recruitment or Business Development? Are you looking for a new job? Are you applying to lots of job adverts and not receiving a response? We would love to help you get where you want to be.

Our products are for everyone. People looking for career change and businesses looking for growth via adding people or increasing their customer base. Our aims are to solve the following:

1. Overcoming the frustration companies have with costing for Recruiters and poor service.
2. Online business developing and creating connections for new business for start ups. How to connect efficiently for start-ups.
3. Overcoming Candidate's frustration when getting no reply for online job applications.
4. Beating the online applicant tracking systems for jobseekers.
5. Language patterns for successful response for everyone.

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    Caroline Langston
    I have worked internationally for 11 years Globally as a Head Hunter and Recruiter with people changing jobs locally and with people transitioning ... Read More