Stylish Sisters is a one stop image consultancy and a fashion blog for women who love to look and feel fabulous.

Founded by Pavleta Petrova as a company offering personal styling services to ladies, the company is now growing its popularity as a style and fashion blog for the hard-working, fun-loving and busy professionals who want to look great and feel sexy and not break the bank while doing it. The newest fashion projects incorporated in Stylish Sisters' business plan are the cooperations with companies looking for effective ways to promote fashion clothes and accessories as well as skin care, cosmetics and beauty services through Stylish Sisters social media.

Through its unique package of services, Stylish Sisters is offering an opportunity to small and medium brands to be where their customers are: in social media.

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  • Pavleta Petrova
    General Manager
    Pavleta Petrova is a European Personal Shopper, Stylist and Blogger. Pavleta has always been attracted to striking outfits and style since a young... Read More
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