Regain your confidence with what you choose to wear without breaking the bank!
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It is my job to help my clients to build their confidence by showing them their best colours and individual styles, creating outfits they love to wear without buying everything new. I hope to be an inspiration to my clients to make use of what they already have and stop buying more, and who says fashion cannot be sustainable if you know the tricks of the trade. I wish to be your walking guru to guide you through the process of discovering the authentic you.

I sell different Image consultancy packages to women who care to look good 24/7. Learning about your best colours and style personalities would save you time and money in the long run as shopping is a breeze and you will only buy what you absolutely love and wear. I do not advocate buying new as it is best to shop in your closet first and I support sustainable fashion which means you will learn how to create outfit using both the existing garments and pre-loved ones as you evolve to become a fashionista!

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    I help women to be beautiful and confident in who they are through putting together outfits to suit their individual needs without breaking the ban... Read More