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Connecting Chinese independent travelers with local cultural destinations and experience with innovation and technology.
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Our mission is to preserve culture and create cross-cultural bridges by leveraging technology and creative contents.

Shake to Win was founded in 2017 by Hong Kong travel blogger and entrepreneur, Emily Cheung. An avid traveller, Emily visited over 40 countries before the age of 30.

Aside from sharing her experiences on her travel blog, Emily's travel stories have been featured in magazines such as China Advertising and in travel websites such as

In January 2019, Shake to Win became the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation’s first foreign and Asian shareholder.

We are known in China as Shang You Di (赏游地), which can mean “rewarding trip” or “appreciate the journey.” As for our international name, “shake” refers to a handshake and “to win” is about all that is gained from meeting someone new, from a different culture.

We currently featured more than 2500 spots from the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal and opening Ireland at the moment.

Travel is a way to experience culture, with over 255B market revenue potential for Chinese outbound traveling, we are positioned as your virtual travel and culture ambassador for cultural curious Chinese travelers to learn culture meanwhile assisting the local culture, nature and family-run spots tell their story to one of the largest travel market just by a few clicks. Culture is central to Shake to Win’s purpose: to preserve it and help people understand it is our mission. The content we provide our users helps them discover different aspects of the local culture of each country where we are present but, above all, it is mostly by visiting the places we list on our app that they truly experience the local culture.

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