HOMEY is a cheap and user friendly 3D real-time virtual design tool for the people who would like to design their home.
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Do what you want to do, make something that change the world and live your life with no regret.

In the past, the creativity of designing a home was stopped by the tool complexity. With this innovative, creative, convenient and easy to use tool that combines game and animation element, people's creativity of home design can be recovered again.
People can just sit back at home and design their new home with only one hand without any training.
HOMEY is designed to eliminate all the annoying issues in the home designing process such as drawing floor plans, testing wall colors or floor patterns, sourcing material suppliers and seeking advice from experts.

Ease of use and user experience are our main goal when we deal with the usability and accessibility in the design process. With hundreds of reviews and lots of evaluation, we fine-tuned our product to produce a very user-friendly design tool.
Everybody, even without training, can design their home with only one hand.
They do not need to think about the dimension and measurement and everything will fit their actual home size.
The users can no longer spend time on choosing and buying furniture or accessories. Just a few clicks can finish the process of designing, visualizing, placing order and delivery.

  • Chan Kwan Fai
    I am a interior designer and I also do animation dor advertisement. I hope to make changes to the world that's why I started the projecy "HOMEY".O... Read More
  • Lau Tak Shun, Desmond
    Project Manager
    Academic qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design - Curtin University of Technology (Perth) 2005 - 2006 Diploma of Design - Curtin Inte... Read More
  • Chiang xue pang
    3D Artist
    Academic qualification: Master in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology- Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Working experience: Position : 3D Arti... Read More