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Our mission is to reduce the hidden risks in value chains by providing information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.
We believe in an industrial world of trusted, passionate and dedicated people. We work to achieve this with open minds, agility and a customer centered approach.

Where Procurement Professionals Meet Qualified Suppliers.

At Steel Available, we are dedicated to create a transparent global supply chain via our services and online sourcing platform. We are the first independent, heavy industry platform that provides trusted information about suppliers to our buyers. We work to strengthen your existing suppliers relations and create new ones based on transparency and credibility, one order at a time.

e-marketplace, pipes and fittings, flanges, oil and gas, nickel alloys, power gen, ingots, bars, coils, tie rods.

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  • Color francesco
    Francesco Grillo
    Manufacturing and business development in the Asian Heavy and Mechanical Industry. Italian, based in Hong Kong
  • Color antonio
    Antonio Guadagnino
    Serial entrepreneur, Founder of e-marketplaces like Italian, based in Italy
  • Circle francesco zhou fei
    Francesco Zhou Fei
    Experience in Chinese Industry and Finance, GM for Italian-Chinese, based in Beijing
  • Color diane
    Diane de Beaudrap
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Energy Engineer Experience in Nuclear Industry. French, based in Hong Kong
  • Color jennifer2
    Jennifer Jäger
    Design & Marketing Manager
    Print and Media Designer, Experience in Sales and Interface Design. German, based in Hong Kong
  • Color yasmine1
    Yasmine Bachraoui
    Business Developer
    Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management student at HKUST. Tunisian, based in Hong Kong