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Star Academy: The education platform where you can learn from superstar teachers!
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With Star Academy’s mission and vision of bringing together unparalleled educational courses with high quality entertaining video content to the masses, we are looking for the region’s best and brightest minds to join us.

Passion, Purpose and Positivity are some of the key characteristics shared by our team members who are known to always find a way to Make Things Happen. Top down, we always shoot for the stars while staying rooted to our mission, and are committed to building a dynamic, fun and challenging work environment, where everyone feels inspired and empowered to learn, grow and become their best version.

So if you’re that special kind of breed who bends but doesn’t break, is always in Mode of Constant Improvement, and with Grit, Heart and Hustle in your veins, we’d love for you to join us!

Whether the student is seriously dreaming of becoming the next Jacky Chan, or someone wishing to take their talent to the next level, or just simply wanting to rekindle a lifelong but forgotten passion, Star Academy’s well-thought out, highly entertaining and superbly produced video courses across various disciplines give the platform’s students a once in a lifetime chance to learn the tips, tricks and techniques directly from each industry’s biggest and brightest stars!

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  • Pak Hou Chau
    Founder & CEO
    Pak Hou Chau is a 23 year old entrepreneur, investor and speaker. He has built 5 consumer tech startups, and has successfully exited two of them. P... Read More