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StackTrek is a people analytics company specialized in building high-performance programming teams for some of the world’s largest tech companies. StackTrek is venture-backed with business office in Hong Kong and Canada plus APAC headquarters in the Philippines. StackTrek applies its proprietary technologies in assessing, analyzing, and improving programmer capabilities, to recruit, train and manage programmers for tech firms and startups around the world.

We provide a cost effective solution of the ever growing pain point of supplying companies with top quality developers and software engineers. We offer very flexible working solutions that allow companies to have an extended remote team so they can focus on their core business. We are the CTO of your company.

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    Bill Yuen
    Founder and CEO
    7 startups. 4 failed. 3 exits. Bill founded his eighth startup StackTrek that uses algorithms and data to train programming talent at scale and con... Read More