SPRUE Furniture

Bespoke furniture, locally made. By Hong Kong people, for Hong Kong people.

We've gathered an international team of multidisciplinary craftspeople to try to bolster the local furniture industry in Hong Kong, including carpentry, welding, ceramics and upholstery. We dream of a market independent from big cross-border manufacturers, where everyone can fill there home with furniture that's high quality and original, while supporting their neighbours.

Furniture in Hong Kong is dominated by cheap, low-quality goods from China. Most of the only higher end goods are imported from Japan or Europe, many of which are made in small batches by small design studios anyways. We are that missing Hong Kong studio, and through our recruitment and local outreach we support the creation of other studios. In doing so, the high dollar cost of importation and social cost foreign dependence can be avoided.

  • White oak folding coffee table 2
  • White oak writing desk 2
  • Walnut slab 3
  • Jatoba radio stool 2
  • Josh Manning
    Director, Manager, Carpenter, Designer
    I'm a Canadian Designer/Carpenter. I moved to Hong Kong with my wife in 2013 and we started our company to build small crafts locally. I'm an art-s... Read More