innovative LED light cube that transforms traditional home lighting into a variety of uniquely designed 3D animations
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We are here to create smart, creative electronic products that are also stylish and modern. We believe one does not have to compromise style with practicality, and our company aims to achieve just that with all our future products.

Our main goal of Tittle is an attempt to acclimate light with the modern digital age. The traditional lighting devices worked before, but now, we need more from it. Our daily lives are completely driven by mobile technology and we believe our lights should follow the same. We want to build a unique interactive lamp that can combine beautiful lights with today’s connectivity and creativity. We believe Tittle can change peoples’ views on lights beyond its practicality.

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  • Kinsen Au
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Kinsen is an accomplished entrepreneur for stylish and entertaining consumer electronics. With 18 years of experiences in manufacturing in China, h... Read More
  • David Au
    Co-founder & CCO
    David is a seasoned filmmaker turned entrepreneur with comprehensive experience in entertainment marketing. His background includes producing multi... Read More
  • Andrea Livotto
    Mobile app & software developer
    Andrea's background is technology and finance, working at Brevan Howard and Credit Suisse in London. He studied mathematics at the University of Ox... Read More
  • Conrad Lee
    Hardware & firmware developer
    20 years of hands-on expert experience in Product Design, Manufacturing, Business Development and Channel Sales Distribution. Passionate and dedic... Read More