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Spectrum offers transformative learning journeys that translate our real-world expertise into future-friendly skills training.

Real-world: Spectrum courses prepare you for success by helping you to engage with and solve real-world problems. Our learning materials are practical, current and relevant; our challenges and examples are crafted by instructors who bring in industry expertise.

Classroom experience: We believe in a classroom experience that immerses you in the community and supports your personal growth. Fast feedback, progress transparency, and passionate instructors underpin a curriculum designed to ensure you're never left behind.

Transformative: Your new narrative begins at Spectrum and extends to benefits that ripple into the future. Propelling yourself beyond the classroom, you're eager for change, prepared for challenges, and actualising your own emergent opportunities.

  • Mart van de Ven
    Data Science Instructor
    Mart is a highly experienced and approachable instructor, having lead 1000+ hours of data science training and mentored 200+ capstone projects.
  • Max Della Libera
    Data Analytics Instructor
    Max is a veteran in data analytics and Business Intelligence. A passionate instructor with 350+ hours of in-person classes and corporate trainings.