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Sleep may seem trivial, mundane and dull in today’s world so laden with stimulations and options. But sleep is nothing but. Severely compromising sleep will kill you. Depriving of sleep can permanently damage your brain. Yet, a distorted culture is celebrating the sacrifice of sleep in the hope of increased productivity. The same culture that values immediate returns over long term investments. The culture that cannot sustain.
We sleep everyday, because evolution over billions of years has clearly favored organisms that sleep. Sleep allows for recovery as well as growth. Nearly all living beings on earth exhibit some form of sleep-wake cycle. Unfortunately, our urban environments make it difficult for us to fulfill this fundamental need. As an infant, we slept in every little space we find, in every possible way we can. As we grew larger, and our responsibilities heavier, we find our body constantly tired, our mind exhausted. Yet it is so difficult to find a quiet, secure space for us to stretch our legs and sleep. All the new ‘designs’ and ‘technologies’ are supposed to better our lives. Ironically, today the things we care to charge most have become our phones. Just as we need electricity to recharge our phones, we need quality sleep to recharge our body and mind. Our culture that runs on caffeine and celebrates burning out is simply not sustainable. That is why we have created SLEEEP — a capsule hotel blending design, technology and humanity to promote a sustainable culture, one quality sleep at a time.

The world has been more crowded than ever, and the population will only continue to grow for years to come. In Hong Kong, this density has manifested into micro-apartments, cage homes, long commutes, sleep deprivations and arguably angry citizens. That space is limited (which is also our company name behind SLEEEP) drives us to find alternative solutions to this reality. A premise of this experimental business is to make prime locations accessible to the masses once again. Admittedly, our capsules and our capsule hotel are not at all spacious, but the thought and care we have put into it, our focus on quality-sleep, user experience, and sustainability; the integration of design, technology and humanity into the space allows our users to have a great experience despite the limitations. Our space/time sharing system is but a clear extension of the sharing economy: we have turned a space in a prime location which would have housed perhaps a couple, and be left empty whenever the occupants are out for work or other activities, into a space that has been able to serve thousands of guests, the great majority of them–locals or visitors to Hong Kong– walked out recharged and with a big smile. We envision Sleeping as a Service to be a need across many mega-cities, and we aspire to build a global network of SLPers – dream incubators.

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  • Portrait alex
    Alex Kot
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Alex Kot is the Co-Founder of SLEEEP, the first licensed capsule hotel in Hong Kong that utilizes design and technology to provide uncompromising u... Read More
  • Portrait jun
    Jun Rivers
    Co-Founder & CXO
    Jun Rivers is the co-founder of SLEEEP, the first capsule hotel in Hong Kong, winner of Design for Asia Awards (Silver) and the world’s first LEEDv... Read More