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SPS is a global company delivering secure and competitive procurement services from Asia to the world.

With our database of more than 2,000 suppliers and 18 in-house inspectors, our team has over ten years of expertise- specialized in categories such as gardening, DIY, hygiene and sanitary, stationery, toys, party supplies, safety, construction, and more.

From consumer products to industrial supplies, there is nothing SPS cannot deliver.

Make procurement services transparent, reliable, secure and an innovative customized cloud platform.

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  • Damian Martinez Espejo
    Enthusiastic, detail oriented and efficient individual with over 10 years experiences in International Trading looking for opportunities to grow my... Read More
  • Jessie Ye
    Executive Assistant
    A self-driven, stress resistant and diversity aware third-culture kid who speaks German, Mandarin, English and Spanish fluently.