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The leading purveyor of Asian contemporary art and objects.
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The name Soluna derives from the sun (sol) and the moon (luna) to convey the message of harmonized life with Art. Soluna Art Group has two different brands: “Soluna Living” and “Soluna Fine Art” and they are curating Contemporary Art and Crafts of Asia, the Pacific, and Australia. Soluna Fine Art focuses on Asian contemporary art and objects, promoting artists through exhibitions, fairs, and collaborations.

Soluna Fine Art emphasizes the idea of essential meaning and tradition of Asian art and crafts, connecting Asian contemporary artworks and objects with art collectors and galleries on an international level. Soluna Fine Art curates artworks through new and traditional forms of exhibitions, educational programs, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Soluna Living supports and nurtures artists to create more affordable artworks that can be used in our daily lives.

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  • 9  ruby   blue bowl   24x16cm  2.1kg
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  • 3.networking a 100x100cm  pencil acrylic on canvas 2015
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