Civil Mobility HK provides smart mobility oriented technology solutions for both transport operators & passengers.
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Civil Mobility HK (under SOCIF) is a technology unit specialized in smart mobility solutions. At first, it is formed by a group of passionate HKUST students who aimed to build an estimated time of arrival system for HKUST minibus routes, to lessen the students' frustration while queuing for minibus. By knowing the social impact we can make, we decided to develop more IoT solutions to bring the smart mobility revolution to Hong Kong, and even the world.

We aim to solve operation inefficiency for both the private & public transport sectors, providing performance tracking solutions for service providers, as well as enhancing the travelling experience of passengers.

At this stage, we provide Estimated Time of Arrival System Installation for FREE across Hong Kong minibus operators, education institutes, enterprises and property developers.

We believe our differentiation are the positioning and comprehensiveness. We target both the public and private transport sectors. We specialize in smart mobility oriented technologies such as the estimated time of arrival system, seat vacancy detection system and in-vehicle tracking device. We believe, it provides us with a more comprehensive and sustainable advantage in terms of branding, R&D & user experience.

  • Jason
    Jason YUEN
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Simon
    Simon TSANG
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Gash
    Gash TSUI
    Co-Founder & CIO