Snacking Bird

Organic and premium quality snack boxes delivered to you
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Giving our customers an exceptional snacking experience

The team at Snacking Bird searches far and wide for the best snacks so you don’t have to. We love discovering brands that are trying to make a difference in the world of snack food.

Our focus is on snacks with organic and natural ingredients that will boost instead of drain your energy. We know what it’s like to start flagging when you need to be full steam ahead because that to-do list isn’t getting any shorter.

We then specially package these delicious snacks and deliver them to you in a box of happy.

Each box contains a selected combination of snack types - from chewy fruit and nut bars to crunchy multi grain chips - and flavours, both sweet and savory. We recognise that you want to make healthy choices and sometimes you also want a treat.

We take our snacking very seriously so trust us when we say there’ll be smiles all around when you open a Snacking Bird box. It’s really the most wonderful way to get through the week.

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