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Across Language Multilingual Voice and Chatbot Solutions
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Smoothweb his passionate about creating new, multilingual intelligent technology solutions to increase user and brand experience, improve value for brand owners and create new revenue opportunities. We have been pioneers in mobile content provision, interactive touch and live/on demand content distribution, AI intelligent mirrors deployed in adidas and now Voice and Chatbots.

Reducing the pain points in adoption of voice assistants for conversational commerce. Providing multilingual voice conversation assistants to provide better information and content delivery to customers, employees and managers. applicable to Government information departments, financial services, fintech, healthcare, hospitality, education, call centres.

Our approach differs in two main respects cutting down time to deployment and cost of data set mapping. First, we only need to train a single instance of an intent and our AI model uses elastic stretch to understand different versions of the same intent accounting for politeness, dialects and grammatical error. Second, our single language NLP model allows us to map to other languages straight on top of the model obviating the need to train for a second, third or 100th language.

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  • Dr. Rajiv Trehan
    Rajiv Trehan Co-founder, Dr. Rajiv Trehan Rajiv, is a Toshiba Fellow (1989) and holds a Ph.D. in A.I. and Distributed Systems (Edinburgh). He is an... Read More
  • Brendan McMahon
    Commercial Director, Brand Marketing
    Brendan McMahon Co-founder, is a brand marketing and communications expert. Formerly, CEO of FutureBrand Japan, Head of Branding at PCCW (Hong Kong... Read More