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We believe that wealth management should not just be for the wealthy. Why should the high net worth or financially savvy individuals have all of the solutions and the rest of us be left to scrounge around trying to make sense of whatever is left?

Our aim is to bring transparency, and trust back into the market that for so long has operated as a black box to fuel wealth for the already wealthy.

For too long the financial services industry has been making huge amounts of money off the backs of those who find finance daunting, complicated and scary - thats most of us. The web of complexity has been spun so that the majority of us feel that the only way through is to buy bundled products from insurance companies. These products are terrible. They are sold through face to face agents, with long lock in periods and poor returns due to high commissions (to pay for those lovely agents).

We're here to break open that industry and provide a flexible savings solution for everyone. No complexity, no need to understand finance, no lock in periods and ridiculously low fees.

We'll be bringing this groundbreaking new product to market in mid 2020.

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    Tim Jones
    CEO / Co Founder
    Tim has been living and working in Asia since 2012 and has been based in Hong Kong since 2015. After graduating from the University of Cambridge he... Read More
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    Lee Wilkins
    Lee Wilkins - CoFounder & CTO Lee has been in Hong Kong for over 8 years. He's married and lives in Sai Kung with his young family. Having led ... Read More