Sleek makes the lives of Entrepreneurs and Investors easier by taking care of their admin/accounting using technology
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Sleek was founded in 2017 in Singapore by two entrepreneurs frustrated at how slow and paper-based the governance and accounting management was.

Our mission is to bring transparency in our offering, efficiency in our delivery and a great overall user experience leveraging technology. Since our launch, we have assisted few thousands businesses in their operations, from their incorporation to the management of their accounting or tax matters, always with a strong 'Get things done' mindset.

Our portfolio companies range from local to global startups, representative office to branch of multinationals, and investment vehicles for funds or lawfirms.

We also team up with the best market players, by providing our clients USD 35k worth of vouchers at AWS, Google Cloud, Hubspot, Stripe and a range of local startups.

We incorporate companies in Hong Kong and Singapore, and help them manage their governance, accounting and tax matters using technology. We launched our services in Singapore in May 2017 because we were frustrated at how slow and paper-based the incorporation and company registration process was.

Since our launch, we have incorporated thousands of happy companies, offering 100% digital incorporation, company secretary, and accounting services.

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    Adrien Barthel
    Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer
    Based in HK, Adrien manages Sleek's local operations, along with all growth related topics at Sleek in general. Prior to this role, Adrien spent s... Read More
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    Julien Labruyere
    Cofounder & CEO
    As CEO, Julien oversees all topics at Sleek, primarily in Singapore where he is based. He has over 10 years experience in sales and management for ... Read More
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