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Building an app isn't easy. Not only do you need to create a fantastic user experience at the front-end, but you also have to take care of the back-end: hosting, scaling, API servers, security, stability, long-run maintenance and more. The good news is since apps nowadays share similar back-end functionalities such as user login, real-time database sync, push notifications, etc., creating a standardised back-end to power mobile/web apps is not a dream. Skygear is ready-made back-end that helps you bootstrap your apps. Since we've taken care of 80% back-end development work for you, you can spend the saved time on more important tasks: creating the front-end, acquiring users, getting user feedback, etc. It has already powered 30+ apps all over the world. Existing features include user authentication, real-time database sync, real-time chatroom, push notifications. Don't reinvent the wheel and build your apps on a reliable back-end.